About the Company

Established in 2001, Gal Planning and Urban Systems Ltd. is a young and dynamic firm. Its areas of expertise allow for the implementation of planning projects, including: preparation of master plans and transportation master plans, transportation planning (on both national and regional levels), preparation of traffic forecasts, mobility impact examinations (including economic studies), public transportation planning, preparation of outlined and detailed plans and safeguarding of networks. Gal tailors its use of a wide range of software to each customer's needs (GIS, transport, graphic editing, databases and development).
Areas of Expertise:
• Transportation planning

• Traffic forecasts (macro and micro estimates)
• Urban areas planning
• Strategic planning
• Construction and maintenance of information systems.
• Construction and maintenance of computerized geographic information systems (GIS).
• Building interfaces for working with alpha numeric databases and GIS data.
The firm provides a variety of planning services in the field of urban and regional planning, as well as transportation planning and information systems. Gal also combines its expert services to integrate land use planning with transportation systems development and maintenance. Regardless of the service provided, the firm follows each project throughout every stage of the work process, participating in the stages of preparation of programmatic and research data, preliminary design, comprehensive review of the statutory demand through to the projects’ approval and programs execution.
For the design and coordination of complex engineering projects and values, the company operates in cooperation with the skilled teams of Lerman Architects & Urban Planners Ltd., and with leading multi-disciplinary working groups of experts and consultants. Gal's cooperation with leading Israeli and foreign professionals is reflected throughout each phase of project planning and implementation, particularly within the areas of transportation, traffic systems and roads, in addition to the development of economic, social, and environmental models, and construction and engineering systems.



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