"Duchh Rehovot"

Galiya Project, Rehovot

Gealya – a residential neighborhood in Rehovot


The purpose of the neighborhood's outline plan was to provide a diversified and high quality residential layout alongside a system of open spaces and public and commercial buildings.

The plan was made on behalf of the Rehovot Municipality and was approved in 1996, with the aim of changing land determinations of agricultural areas and designing a new residential neighborhood. It defines diverse residential densities, a system of roads, open spaces and commercial areas and outlines construction guidelines and building zones for each of the land determinations.

Following the plan's approval, Lerman - Architects & Town Planners led the architectural design of six residential sites, under the management of L.N.B.R Engineers. Each site included 4 eight-storey residential buildings. The design of two additional sites is currently underway, to be completed in the near future.

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